About Sophie

My name is Sophie McFaul, I am a triplet, 23 years old, and married to an amazing hard working man named Derek. We are living in the Corvallis area right now while he is in medical school. I grew up in New Orleans going to french immersion schools since kindergarden then ten years later our family moved to Oregon. I studied Kinesiology at Western Washington University and played college golf all four years. I graduated a couple years ago and now I am experiencing the post college life. I will let you know how it goes.

What I like to do for fun is play tennis, work out, golf [of course], cook the most simple yet healthy meals, take pictures of what I cook, hike, and travel between the four towns of Lebanon, Corvallis, Albany, and Eugene. I find myself driving between these four towns daily so I am definitely getting to know the area better.

I love to take pictures, especially of people and of nature. I have an advantage of being apart of a big family so I can continuously challenge myself with new photo opportunities to get photographs of my nieces and nephews when they are in their playful and cheerful moods!


Sophie McFaul


Oh and here’s my dog scuppers!



2 thoughts on “About Sophie

  1. celestedimilla

    Hey there Sophie!! My husband and I have been following a plant-based diet for two years now and we love it. I wish I’d started eating this way when I was your age, however. Anyway, you’ve got some wonderful recipes here and Scuppers is just adorable! It’s a pleasure to e-meet you! Celeste šŸ™‚

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